Start With Skorpyron

Vis posted Jan 16, 17

It's rushed up on us pretty quickly, but Nighthold is opening this week. Get to studying Skorpyron and Co so that we can get in there and start smashing it right away!

Put aside some study-time, peoples, as Patch 7.1.5 arrives just a week before Nighthold opens. You won't have a lot of time to catchup on the changes to your class rotations and stat-weights before we'll be taking on World of Warcraft's latest raid!

Nighthold is Near

Vis posted Dec 18, 16

The release date for Nighthold has been announced, with our first foray looking likely to be in the week starting January 16th.
So, in between the gratutitous over-indulgance of food and drink this Christmas, if you're looking for something to do while you're just kicking back on the couch, don't miss the opportunity to get a little more familiar with what we're going to be facing via the likes of WowHead.

Fel Kitty!

Vis posted Dec 3, 16

What better way to brighten up the new month, than with a Fel Kitty!


Vis posted Nov 17, 16

The puns are back, as we celebrate our completion of Normal Trial of Valor at the end of last week.
The raid has turned out to be quite the oddity. It's definitely more of a step up in difficulty from what Legion first offered in the Emerald Nightmare, yet Blizzard aren't really offering the incentives you'd expect if they wanted us to really push on hard into Heroic. Still, the change of scenary was healthy, and before you know it the Night Hold will be on us as well, so having time to still accomplish all we want in Mythic Emerald Nightmare can't be something we complain about, really!
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